“Let our family take care of your family!”

Our mission is to create a home away from home. Our staff will take in residents with open arms. We do not want to take parent’s away from their home, but have created an atmosphere in which our home can become their home. We are a family who strives to ensure the wellness of your family members. With social activities, new friendships, and family involvement, we will contribute health and wellness all around our residents. The perfect location of our senior care home is exactly what your loved one’s need. Let our family take care of your family!

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· Visits from family and friends are extremely rewarding. Not only does visiting an elderly resident aid with emotional care, but it is also beneficial for physical care. At Liberty Senior Residential Care Homes, we encourage family and friends to visit their loved ones in order to aid with their health, reintroduce positive memories, keep them emotionally engaged, reduce the sense of isolation and loss, and create joy in their daily lives.
· Pets can assist with reducing stress, increasing physical activity, growing social interactions, lowering loneliness, and minimizing health risks. While we do not allow pets to live in our home we do advocate for pet visits with family members. Pets must be up-to-date on all of their shots.
· Cards, letters, photos, emails, and phone calls, are also great outlets to reduce sadness. Our trained staff is available 24/7 to ensure your loved one’s needs are met. In addition, a reminder from a loved one that you are thinking of them can be very advantageous for this life changing transition.


1. Daily stretch activities to promote health and wellness. In order to keep muscles flexible, healthy, and strong, daily exercise can help joints from tightening and weakening. Exercises will be light, safe, and fun.
2. Memory strengthening games to promote concentration, to improvement memory, and to continuously boost self-esteem and happiness. Games will include jigsaw puzzles, crossword puzzles, riddles, scrabble, card games, and so much more.
3. Karaoke and dancing to improve muscle strength, balance, endurance, and promote social companionship.
4. Engaging activities such as drawing, painting, and other crafts, for patients with low mobility and also for those who enjoy such hobbies.
5. Reading to keep the brain imaginative as well as to reduce stress and delay cognitive decline. Reading has also been known to aid with sleep. Books will be provided and book clubs will be highly promoted.
6. Spending time outdoors with light walks for those who enjoy nature and fresh air for those with little to no mobility.

senior care tx

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